Masterclass by IFCN – Clinical Use of F-Wave Measures

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Clinical Use of F-Wave Measures

F wave results from the backfiring of antidromically activated anterior horn cells. Its latency represents motor conduction along the entire peripheral axons including the most proximal segment. Clinical assessment calls for determination of a surface distance to adjust for differing nerve lengths or the patient’s height with the use of a nomogram. Studies of F wave provide a most sensitive measure of abnormality for a variety of neuropathies, but not for a focal nerve lesion such as radiculopathies. F wave also serves as a means of testing the excitability of the anterior horn cells, showing a progressive suppression after a few hours of volitional muscle relaxation. Thus, its absence, usually taken as a sign of conduction block of the peripheral motor axons, may also result from suppression of spinal motor neurons.

The Masterclass by IFCN presentations were created in response to a call from IFCN member societies for more high quality, complimentary, online educational content. The series will provide a new presentation every month from top clinical neurophysiologists around the world, and each will include time for discussion with the lecturer following the presentation.

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