EMEAC-IFCN: notice of forthcoming elections for two members-at-large  

Dear National Society Colleagues,

We hope you have had a good summer. This is the first email from ExCo for a while so, firstly, may we say what a success ECCN2019 In Warsaw was. Thanks once more for your contributions with the Scientific Program and popularising the Congress with all your members. It would not be a success without your contributions.

We are excited to announce in this email forthcoming elections for two Members-at-Large, EMEAC-IFCN.

With the retirement from office of Professor Ivan Rektor, and at the end of the first term of office of Professor Antonio Martins da Silva, the Executive Committee EMEA Chapter has two vacancies for the position of Member-at-Large (M-a-L). The successful candidates will join the remaining ExCo; Chair, Jonathan Cole, Secretary/Treasurer Hatice Tankisi, and Member-at-Large Anita Kamondi. The term of office as a M-a-L is four years, renewable for one further term of four more years, (see statutes).

The successful candidates will be expected to take a full part in ExCo business ,which includes 10 phone conferences per year, together with the EMEAC Congress every two years, with the next in Marseille in 2021, and other matters as they arise. In addition, ExCo has been giving portfolios to its Members-at-Large over the last few years, with Professor Kamondi taking responsibility for education and training. The successful candidates in this election will be asked to be responsible for education and affairs in Africa, and for our presence on the IFCN website and social media.

Candidates should be proposed by a national society president or secretary. Each society may propose one candidate only, either from their own national society or any other. Candidates must come from a national society without an officer on ExCo already, (though members of ExCo do not represent any single society of course). So, no one from UK, Denmark, or Hungary can apply. Because of this requirement to avoid having two M-a-L from the same country, and since we plan to have each newly elected Member-at-Large take a portfolio of responsibility, we plan two elections sequentially, with thefirst call for candidates to become Member-at-Large with responsibility for education and affairs in Africa.

Candidates’ names for this Member-at-Large, with a statement that they are prepared to stand, should be forwarded to Hatice Tankisi, email: hatitank@rm.dk (Secretary, EMEAC by November 20th). Then, an electronic ballot will be conducted via the internet, with the closing date for voting being December 20th, and the successful candidate will be announced after that. Candidates for the second M-a-L position will then be sought with a ballot in the New Year.

Further exciting news will follow soon.

With best wishes,

Jonathan Cole (Chair-ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Hatice Tankisi (Secretary and treasurer, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Ivan Rektor (M-a-L, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Antonio Martins da Silva (M-a-L, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)

Anita Kamondi (M-a-L, ExCo EMEAC-IFCN)