Dear Delegates and Colleagues,

Firstly, as ExCo EC-IFCN, we wish you all a happy and successful 2018.

In our e-mail on 16th November, 2017, we kindly asked national societies to send their nominations for the position of chair of ExCo EC-IFCN before December 31st. Professor Jonathan Cole, UK, is the only candidate for this position being nominated by the British Society. Despite there being one candidate a vote is still required.

We will kindly ask you to send your votes to the Secretary/Treasurer Hatice Tankisi, before February 15th, 2018. Please vote with yes, abstention or no.

Additionally, as decided at the GA in Budapest, a new Member-at-Large, with portfolio for education and training, will substitute the present liaison member position to the IFCN, at present Paolo Rossini, following the new ExCo EC-IFCN statutes. This member will also be responsible for public representation of the EC-IFCN, in particular the homepage and updating the internet links (in collaboration with the IFCN secretariat). We ask, by this e-mail, for nominations for this Member-at-Large position. Each society may nominate candidates from its own or another country (except Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal and UK, to avoid more than one ExCo member originating from any single country).

Might we ask any national society wishing to nominate anyone for this position to send their nominations to the Secretary/Treasurer Hatice Tankisi, before February 15th, 2018?

Lastly, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility for individual membership of European Academy of Neurology (EAN) to increase our influence there (see this form). We now have a MoU with the EAN which also concerns common guidelines. You may check the list of available EAN guidelines ( 20 guidelines are (re-) written right now. So in case somebody in your country should participate you may contact me or the EAN directly.

Best regards,

Hatice Tankisi
Secretary and Treasurer
European Chapter IFCN